The Peugeot 207 1.6 8V HDI 92 BHP uses a Bosch EDC17C10 ECU. This listing is for an ECU with codes 0281015847-9674245280. This ECU has the immobiliser software removed so it's simply a plug and play unit, no coding is required. We test all our ECUs on a running engine to make sure there are no internal faults and that the immobiliser software is fully removed.

Infineon TC1797

Bosch EDC17C10



Citroen C3 DS3

Peugeot 207

1.6 HDI 8V 92BHP

Factory fitted DPF

It's important that you match up the correct ECU for your vehicle as there are many different variants for the same vehicle. This ECU came from a Peugeot 207 90BHP model. It's important to also match the codes on the right side of the label, as sometimes Peugeot/Citroen have the same numbers even though they come from a different vehicle. We can also include a stage 1 remap to 120 BHP, this makes the car much more fun to drive. If unsure, just contact as and we can confirm if it matches up to your vehicle by looking through the software on the ECU. If you are unsure, you just email us on remap@hdi-tuning.co.uk with a photo graph of the ECU and we can confirm if this is a compatible unit.

The ECU can also include a remap or DPF delete, for the available remap options you can search for your vehicle details here.

ECU label


Important: Please contact to check availability before purchasing: remap@hdi-tuning.co.uk

ECU label

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