If you are having ECU or immobliser issues, this unlocked ECU 0281012529-9663475880 will get your Peugeot 207 running again. Here the immobiliser software has been removed, so you can simply plug in this ECU to your vehicle and the engine will start without the need for any further coding.

Bosch EDC16C34





1.4 HDI 8V 68BHP

An ECU fault on the Citroen C3 1.4 HDI is very common due to the location of the ECU. Usually water damage is the cause of cutting out or immobiliser problems. The ECU model 0281012523 is the most common part to go wrong. We will supply a remanufactured part from another vehicle which has not been subjected to water damage and then program with the correct software, so you can trust that the new ECU will offer raliabilty for years to come.

It's important that you match up the correct ECU for your vehicle, as there are many different variants for the same vehicle. If you are unsure, you just email us on remap@hdi-tuning.co.uk with a photo graph of the ECU and we can confirm if this is a compatible unit.

The 0281012523 ECU can also include a stage 1 remap, for the available remap options you can search for your vehicle details here.

ECU label EDC16C34 1.4 HDI Hardware number & Software number 0281012523 9664843480

Important: Please contact to check availability before purchasing: remap@hdi-tuning.co.uk

ECU label

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