This plug and play remapped ECU Bosch EDC16C34 0281011785-9658556880 fits the Citroen C3 1.4 68 BHP model. We test all our ECUs on a running engine to make sure there are no internal faults.

Bosch EDC16C34





1.4 HDI 8V 68BHP

A plug and play ECU is very simple to install, and is great for fixing ECU faults or immobiliser failure.

The ECU can also include one of our performance remaps to 90 BHP, check your remap options here. HDI Tuning can be trusted to deliver the best quality remap for your vehicle at a great price.

It's important that you match up the correct ECU for your vehicle, as there are many different variants for each vehicle type. If you are unsure, you just email us on remap@hdi-tuning.co.uk with a photo graph of the ECU and we can confirm if this is a compatible unit.


Important: Please contact to check availability before purchasing: remap@hdi-tuning.co.uk

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