Peugeot 308 2.0 16V HDI 136 Performance Remap:


Stage 1 Power


Stage 1 Torque

Peugeot 308

Stage 1 + Remap DPF delete (Siemens SID803) - Our Stage 1 remap gives 170BHP and a torque increase of +40Nm. We've developed these remaps not only to give optimal performance, but also to remain within the limits of the stock hardware of your vehicle so you don't need to worry about your clutch or your dual mass flywheel. Power delivery will be smooth and constant through the entire engine range and will make overtaking much easier.

The 2.0 HDI 136 comes fitted with a DPF system, you'll need to remove this for the full power stage 1 remap. Luckily HDI Tuning Ltd have a safe and reliable DPF delete solution which won't give future problems (many other companies will use software to remove the DPF which can cause turbo problems).

Take a look at a dyno print out for the 2.0 136 engine:

2.0 16V 136 HDI Dyno print out - 165 BHP or 170 BHP

Mild Stage 1 Remap - If you're looking for a power increase without modifying your car, then the best option for you is our DPF friendly remap. This keeps AFR high to prevent the DPF filter from clogging. You'll still get good power gains with 165 BHP and +30 Nm of torque.

Online price: If you have the correct equipment you can read/write the ECU yourself, the remap is just £99. For both SID803 and also SID803A you can open the ECU and program to the BDM pads, we have a video guide available. If you have the SID803A then you can also program this one direct through the OBD port using Kess V2 (this does not work for SID803 and the maps are in the processor instead of the flash memory).

Postal remap service: You can send us your ECU and let us do all the hard work for you. Price £150.

Unlocked remapped ECU: We can also offer a 'plug and play' unlocked and remapped ECU. This removes the immobiliser software to make the ECU free running so there's no need to code the ECU to your vehicle. Simply fit the ECU and away you go. You need to match the correct part number from your ECU and then you can order through our ECU webshop with the remap of your choice, prices from £165 to £195.

Stage 2 remap: We can now offer a stage 2 remap for the 2.0 136 engine. This remap requires an uprated intercooler, free flowing exhaust system and a 3.1 bar MAP sensor so that the ECU is able to run increased turbo pressure. Peak power comes out at 195 BHP with a torque figure of 380 to 400Nm we can tailor this to your clutch. We recommend fitting the black diamond Kevlartek Stage 2 clutch for this level of tune, available in our webshop.

Dyno plot - 195 BHP 2.0 136 16V engine SID803A

EGR Delete

It's advised to fit an EGR blanking plate before your remap, this will be beneficial, but it isn't 100% necessary if the EGR is not stuck open, as removing the electrical connector from the EGR solenoid will also prevent it from operating, associated faults will be removed from the ECU with our EGR delete software. For Auto cars you cannot unplug the EGR as it can cause an ESP fault.

If you're not sure if you require EGR delete, please read here.

DPF Delete

Our DPF delete software completely removes the DPF and regeneration function from the ECU whilst adjusting the turbo vane pressure to protect the turbo charger. Temperature and pressure sensors can also be removed. Please read HERE about DPF removal.

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