Peugeot 207 1.4 HDI 68 Performance Remap:


Stage 1 Power


Stage 1 Torque

Peugeot 206

Stage 1 Remap - The 1.4 HDI can feel a bit sluggish from the factory, luckily we can fix that for you. Our stage 1 Remap will take you to 90 BHP and 200Nm. This will increase both the response of the engine and also the useable rev range.

If you want to use our online service you can use KESS through the diagnostics port, or you can use BDM100 direct to the ECU. We've produced a video guide HERE detailing how to use the BDM100.

Online price: The online remap is just £99, Postal remap service: Send the ecu to us via post £150. Unlocked plug and play remapped ECUs from £150

EGR Delete

EGR delete is free when you purchase a remap. Our EGR removal solution requires an EGR blanking plate to be fitted before we can remove it from the ECU software. If you're not sure if you require EGR delete, please read here.

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