Citroen C4 1.6 eHDI 115 8v Tuning options (2011 onwards):


Stage 1 Power


Stage 1 Torque

Citroen C3

HDI Tuning has the latest 'boot mode Tricore' programming equipment enabling us to access the (tuning protected) Siemens SID807 ECU of your 1.6 ehdi. These remaps are available for the 1.6 8V engine with 115 BHP. Generally these were fitted from 2010 onwards.

We have two options of remap available, one keeps the DPF system intact, and the other is designed to run without it. We recommend that you keep your DPF system, as the newer systems are much more robust compared to the early DPF designs. The best option is to send your ECU in to us as it's very hard to program this one yourself. If you do however have the correct tri-core boot equipment you're welcome to use our online remapping service.

Stage 1 Remap DPF friendly - 140 BHP

Our Stage 1 remap will take your 1.6 ehdi to 140BHP and a whopping 320Nm of torque. Our stage 1 remap provides constant smooth torque through the entire rev range whilst remaining well within the safe limits of your clutch and turbo charger. The DPF system will not be affected by this remap as we keep the AFR levels similar to stock settings..

Price £200.

Stage 1 + Remap DPF Delete - 145 BHP

The Stage 1 + remap is designed for those who want that little bit extra and also want to remove a faulty DPF system. Peak power with this remap is 145 BHP and peak torque comes out at 330Nm making a big difference to the way your car drives. Our DPF delete solution has been tested extensively on our own project car to ensure it is fully effective and safe to run.

Price £200.

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