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Citroen DS4 2.0 HDI 163 Tuning options available:

Citroen C5 HDI 110

Stage 1 Remap DPF safe (Delphi DCM 3.5) - Our Stage 1 performance remap was developed in house and tested extensively to ensure optimal drive ability and reliability for your engine. The DPF safe remap is designed to run in parallel with the DPF filter without the need for removal.

With great power from the factory already, a stage 1 remap makes driving even more fun. The stage 1 remap gives 190BHP and a massive torque increase to 420Nm.Thanks to the smooth nature in which the torque is increased, the standard clutch and dual mass flywheel are kept well within their safe limits. Power delivery will be smooth and constant through the entire engine range and will make overtaking much easier.

Online price: If you have the correct equipment you can read/write the ECU yourself, the remap is just £150. The DCM3.5 can be programmed both through the OBD port and also on the bench in boot mode which offers a more secure solution.

Postal remap service: You can send us your ECU and let us do all the hard work for you. Price £200.

Drive in service: If you're within driving distance of bristol, it's well worth bringing your car in to us for the complete in shop service. Not only is this much easier for yourself, but you also get a very thorough diagnostics/testing session included. You can leave our workshop knowing that your car is performing properly will be aware of any other recommendations we make. If your car is in need of a service we can also do this before carrying out the remapping work at a very competitive price £200.

EGR Delete

We can switch off the EGR at no extra cost electronically, if there are problems with the EGR then you may need to also fit an EGR blanking plate.

You can't remove the EGR without removing the DPF system as it is required during regeneration. If you're not sure if you require EGR delete, please read here.

Important: These options are only available for cars fitted with the Delphi DCM 3.5 ECU, please double check before bringing the car in to us or if you are unsure just give us a call.